by ikea graveyard

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May 13, 2014 - demos recorded on my porch


released May 14, 2014



all rights reserved


ikea graveyard Vista, California

bedroom + porch recordings

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Track Name: Off,
everything's boring
adored by silence, for what
and yes you can shoot a gun
and crack it goes off

water shattered to the thumb
swelled bare bodies, set run
my fools work here is done
and crack it goes off

you have nothing to prove
a picture framed just too soon
noticed by cuts of hair
and you don't if i do

everything turns to strange
a tongue swells when spoken your name
sitting on piles of sand,
illusions of man
Track Name: Radio
i was there when the doctors called the time
i try my hardest to cry while no one's looking

we were given these lives to grow and intertwine
i was given mine to stay beneath the floorboards

company calls epilogue, title track
i don't know if i am happy

no joy in mudville, Lowell, MA
we have the facts and we are voting yes
Track Name: Philly
i never thought that we’d do this again
ever since the last time i left philly
two times the capacity
you have explored me
i’ll stay wrapped up in your hotel sheets
you’ll adore me,
i just want to be happy

i don’t want to be a boy
i don’t want to be a girl
i am your god
so please treat me like i exist
wait, don’t exit

come lick my pearly white teeth
wait, don’t touch me
i don’t kiss boys, boys kiss me
come lick my pearly white teeth

pretty like your skin when it’s
pressed up against me
89 days between
please come find me
Track Name: Parker
and they boys they always like to press on the girls soft cores
and the girls like it when the boys are quiet
my friend luke he calls me on random nights
to see if we are going to be alright

and i like to show him my insides
hes never there to push my insides aside
he is sensitive, like i am even when i am crying
he tells me that i'm going to be alright

don't use that tone little girl, its not very nice
you have to please the boys of this world
even if it is not nice

you loves her in the summertime
a strawberry blond pearl
you loved up in

I know that you miss her.
Track Name: 84,SL
flip card away
bones break dry hay always contemplates
in a rosemary state
thoughts tied and bound, memory fixates

i lost a love that was played like a game
phone calls fade out dial tone, it's too late
you stayed in the basement until you separate